Pre-Construction Termite Management – Melbourne

Termites cause over $100 million worth of structural damage to Australian homes each year with most insurance companies refusing to cover damage caused by Termites. 

Many councils are making Pre-Construction Termite Protection mandatory for new building work and Auspest Control has been on the forefront in applying Termite Management Systems that are long lasting – warrantied for 30 years –  and ecologically sustainable.

Our company already services major builders in the industry, we know the importance of reliability and efficiency in not only getting the job done but backing it up with the relevant certificates in a timely matter.  Our technicians have never missed a scheduled job and are well respected for their conduct on the work site.

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Ecologically Friendly Termite System

termite pre construction MELBOURNE

Auspest Control is accredited in applying an exceptional and revolutionary Termite Protection Application that is non-hazardous and extremely effective in protecting a newly constructed dwelling from a subterranean termite attack.

This safe, ecologically friendly application is not harmful to people, animals and wildlife and will never leach chemical into the soil.

Being non-biodegradable, this Termite application will never need to be reapplied. It is a once only Part A & B treatment compliant with AS 3660.1 and cannot be damaged by landscaping, other trades or vandals negating the need for time-consuming call outs and reinstallation.

The Termite Protection Application must be applied by an accredited Auspest Control Technician with full licensing in Termite Management and Control.

  • The Termite Barrier can be applied to the un-sealed framework and base plates, base brickwork and weep holes, decking subfloors or cured concrete. It does not merely envelope the material it’s applied to but is absorbed deep within the substrate.
  • Applied to ‘green” concrete, the Termite Barrier will have penetrated between 50 to 100mm within the concrete, thereby causing the foundation to become a permanent non-biodegradable barrier.

Benefits in lieu of Physical Barrier Systems

  • No Toxic Chemicals to be leached into soil and waterways. This systems active ingredient is Boron which is a natural substance that has the same toxicity to humans and wildlife as table salt but is lethal to termites and Borers.
  • Physical Barriers are known to be damaged in the building process often resulting in costly repairs in addition to installation. Once applied the liquid is absorbed and can never wash off and cannot be damaged in any way.
  • Pesticides and Insecticides are biodegradable and become less effective over time. This product is not biodegradable and will stay locked in for the life of the substrate – Protection is warranted for 30 years
  • Termites only need a 1.5mm gap to obtain entry into a dwelling and as the barrier is a liquid it is able to fill the smallest of cracks. It permeates through wood up to 100mm into the heart of the Timber and into concrete 50-100mm.
  • Cost-effective – As this Termite Protection is both a Part A & B application it saves time and money in comparison to physical barrier systems.

* Some builders still prefer a Part A physical barrier to pipe penetrations but in our opinion, this is not needed – if you require a physical part A barrier this can be arranged at an additional cost.

Not only does this boron based termite application protect timber, masonry and concrete from Termites and Borers it has the added benefit of inhibiting fungal growth is a fire retardant and protects from wood rot for the life of the substrate that it has been applied to.

Once treatment has taken place, a compliance certificate is prepared for you to be forwarded to the building surveyor and you are provided with a 30 Year Termite Warranty Package.

Termite Reticulation System

For a more traditional Termite Management System when building your new property or extending an existing property Auspest Control can help protect your biggest asset by installing a Termite Reticulation System around your home.

Before the concrete foundations have been poured, our technicians will place collars around any pipe penetrations that protrude through the slab (Part A). After lock-up, a series of reticulation pipes are installed around the perimeter of the premises that distributes the termiticide forming a barrier around your home (Part B). As termiticides are biodegradable, fill boxes allow the technician to periodically refill the pipes (every three years) providing long-term protection from Subterranean Termites.

Once treatment has taken place, a compliance certificate is prepared for you to be forwarded to the building surveyor and you are provided with a 30 Year Termite Warranty Package.

AS3660.2 recommends that all Australian Homes are inspected for subterranean termites annually. A technician will inspect the property for any breaches in the barrier annually (may be more frequent in a high-risk termite zone). It is important to contact the technician if you believe the barrier has been disturbed by landscaping or other tradespeople to ensure there are no breaches in the protective zone.

If you have a Termite Reticulation System that was installed by us through your builder please fill out the Warranty Activation Form HERE.

Annual Termite Inspections

AS3660.2 recommends that all Australian Homes are inspected for subterranean termites every 12 months.

The installation of a termite management system does not negate the need for regular competent inspections. Regular inspections of the building and site at intervals not exceeding 12 months are strongly recommended. However, where the termite risk is high or the building type susceptible to termite attack, more frequent inspections (3-6 months) should be undertaken. Regular inspections will not prevent termite attack but may help in the detection of termite activity. Early detection will allow remedial treatment to be commenced sooner and damage to be minimised.

Our Auspest Control Technicians will do a thorough inspection of the site including the interior, exterior, roof void and subfloor (where applicable) and provide a comprehensive written report which states the condition of the premises for termites, and any conducive conditions you may need to rectify to prevent a termite infestation.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying an existing property is a very big decision. Don’t make the mistake of buying someone else’s termite problems. Before you make an offer, don’t forget to have a pre-purchase pest inspection performed at the property so you will know all current and possible future termite problems that may occur.

Auspest Control Specialists are highly trained and use all the latest technology. We will provide you with a comprehensive verbal and written report (sent via email) stating the condition of the premises for termites.

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