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However cute they may seem in kids cartoons, rats and mice are not guests you want in your home or workplace. Besides being known to carry and transmit more than 35 different diseases, these troublesome rodents can contaminate food and household belongings with their droppings and urine and cause major damage with their chewing.

Our Process

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These creatures are extremely adaptable—mice can survive almost anywhere and are, in fact, more widespread on the planet than any other mammal besides humans. They can gain entry through the tiniest of openings—cracks in foundations and around water pipes, utility cables, windows, and so on. Once in, rodents can damage plumbing, create a fire hazard, and cause expensive structural havoc. That’s why our successful rodent control involves several critical steps:

  • Identify what species are present and eliminate the existing rodent population
  • Seal possible entry points to prevent any additional rodents from taking up residence
  • Clean up potential nesting sites and food sources so that your premises are no longer attractive to the rodents

Why Us

At Auspest Control, we employ a comprehensive control strategy for trapping and removing rats or mice from your residence or business property and then barring entrance to any other types of rodents that may be causing a problem.

Our unique bait stations are tamper-resistant, weighted and contained to prevent access by children or pets. Our technicians are experts at determining how the rodents are getting in—and making sure they no longer can.

We will customise a solution to fit your particular situation, and we’ll utilise the safest and most effective control measures possible in order to provide you with long-lasting, rodent-free results. We provide rodent control as an integral part of our residential pest control and commercial pest control programs.

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