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Wasps rarely group in large numbers, they are commonly seen moving in and out of small holes in the wall or earth. They nest in pre-existing cavities in walls or can tunnel to build nests in the soft mortar. They do not compromise the structural integrity of your property but can be a serious threat to your health and safety.

Our Process

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The most commonly found wasp in Melbourne is the European Wasp. These aggressively natured wasps are an introduced pest and can be difficult and dangerous to eliminate. In many cases, a wasp nest can contain tens of thousands of the deadly insects.

They often conceal their nests within wall voids and the roof spaces of Melbourne homes, they are difficult to locate and often not detected until the nest is near maximum size. In all cases with the European Wasp, the nest must be exterminated by direct treatment to eliminate the risk of attack to humans and pets alike.

Other reasons to address wasp problems are that they are capable of significant property damage and can injure native animals, birds and beneficial insects, like ladybugs and native bees.

Whatever work needs to be done, it’s extremely important that all necessary safety measures are taken during the removal of the hive and bees. Our pest control technician will work closely with you to ensure the protection of residents, neighbours, and pets.

Your safety is our first priority.

Why Us

There are a number of different species of bees & wasps that can create different issues and should be dealt with in different ways. Auspest Control provides an effective and efficient solution for getting rid of Wasps & BeesFirstly, we need to be able to correctly identify the species of wasp & bee, so that it can be handled in the right way.

  • Our reliable team will arrive within the allocated time slot provided.
  • We will assess your problem and carry out the appropriate course of action.
  • We will give you advice on protecting your home or business against future infestations

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