Termites Pest Control – Melbourne

Termite sometimes known as white ants can cause extensive damage to your premises which is not covered by most insurance companies.

Auspest Control can detect Termite activity in your home or premises, treat the infestation and can provide Termite Barrier Systems right from the beginning of construction.

Pre-Construction termite protection and management.

Our Process

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There are multiple forms of termite treatments. There is no one right way to treat for termites. Some of the factors will include where the termites are entering from, the type of construction of the premises, time frame and budget.

Pre-construction treatments
Part A and B, physical management systems. Most homeowners and developers now pre-treat their premises during construction for termite protection, either by choice or council requirement. Auspest Control Technicians are accredited in applying an innovative protective Termite Management System that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly a powerful solution to prevent subterranean termites entering through the subfloor.  If however, you choose to install a Termite Reticulation Barrier System around your premises, Auspest Control can install and maintain your warranty through inspections every 12 months and refill the Termiticide every 3 years.

Baiting and monitoring systems
The baiting system is a slower process than chemical treatments but is sometimes the only option on some premises. “Bait boxes” are installed overtop of active and feeding termites. The termites will cease eating the timber and will start eating the bait. The termites will then spread the bait throughout the colony, eventually leading to the destruction of the nest. In conjunction with the above ground baiting boxes, in ground stations are installed around the premises of an average of 3 meters apart. These stations are then monitored on a regular basis for termite activity either by the homeowner or a licensed pest control operator.

Our Methods

Termites are non-discriminatory when it comes time to find a meal. A nest can have as many as 4 million termites. They forage underground seeking out anything made of cellulose (timbers, paper etc.) Some of the ways to help deter termites are:

  • Landscaping timbers. Try to keep landscaping timbers to a minimum, and where required, use treated timber and try to keep it out of direct soil.

  • Moisture. Termites are attracted to moisture. Repair all gutterings, downpipes and plumbing problems immediatly.

  • Foliage. Keep all trees and plants away from the structure.

  • Mulch. Try to keep celulose mulch to a mimimum, and never mulch overtop of the weepholes in your home.

  • Inspection zone. If your house is bulit on a concrete slab, try to keep a 50mm inspection zone free between the perimeter and the top of the ground coverings.

  • Firewood. Keep firewood and stacked timbers away from the premises.

  • Formwork. Remove all formwork and other loose timbers from the subfloor. Termites will find the stored timbers in the sub floor which will then lead them to the structual timbers of the building.

  • Ventilation. Good cross ventilation under the sub floor is vital. The soil needs to be kept as moist free as possible to deter termites.

  • Do not disturb anything you think may be termites. This will force the termites to move elsewhere in the premises, making termite detection even more difficult.

  • Inspections. Have a professional pest controller perform an inspection at least every 12 months to try to catch the termites before they catch you!

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