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Whilst some of Australian Bird species are protected, there are often some introduced species of birds that are a nuisance and can cause damage to properties whilst finding a place to nest – including Pigeons, Indian Miners, Starlings and Sparrows.

If you have a problem with birds nesting in the corners of your roof space during springtime we can remove them, spray the roof for insects, block all entrance points and use a combination of bird gels and spikes to prevent reinfestation. – see also our link on Gutter Guard.

Factories and offices often have bird nesting problems, sometimes on a larger scale requiring a superior solution such as bird netting, roller door proofing and spikes.

Our Process

pigeon pest control melbourne

We perform a thorough Inspection and advise you on the best and most cost-effective option. Sometimes there may be more than one option available.

These options can include exclusion such as proofing the building and its surrounds and netting. We can also offer physical deterrents such as spikes and electric shock systems. These shock systems won’t kill or injure the birds but make it very uncomfortable for the bird to be there. There are high pitched audio devices which have proven successful as well.

Why Us

At Auspest Control, we take our time to inspect and assess each site so we can tailor the best solution to your specific needs. For complete Bird Control services that will help you rest easy, speak to an expert at Auspest Control.

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