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Unprotected gutters provide a great opportunity for pests to enter your roof space where it is sheltered and warm. Common household pests such as birds, rodents, possums, and snakes can use this space as a nesting site and food source.

Not only is this situation annoying and sometimes costly to rectify, having unwanted pests around your home can pose serious health risks. Pests living under your roof and gutters will leave behind a mess, germs, parasites and allergens that can seriously affect your families health. Leaves clogging gutters can create pooled water for mosquito larvae and clogged downpipes can lead to flooding, causing extensive structural damage.

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Gutters are designed to transport water away from your home. If the gutter is clogged then this water has nowhere to go and may fall toward the walls, seep into cracks in the premises and even down to the foundations. Termites love damp structures!

Clogged gutters from leaves and pests can create more intense breeding conditions for rust which will eventually mean your gutters will stop working and need to be replaced.  It’s important to keep the gutters clear of the debris that is pushed down from the roof as this organic matter can be a great food source for pests who will ultimately climb into the roof space to breed. Often when a pest wants to enter the premises or build a nesting site, they have no hesitation in damaging the property and gutters to do so.

Premises in Bushfire prone areas are also at high risk with leaf littered gutters as embers travelling through the air can land on the roof and ignite dry leaves in your gutter that will cause fires.

Installing Gutter Guard will stop the build-up of organic matter and deter pests from entering your roof cavity. The Gutter Guard forms a physical barrier and ensures leaves and debris are blown off the roof while allowing the water to drain into the gutter and flow freely. It is more cost efficient to have Gutter Guard installed then having to constantly remove pests and repair gutters.

Our Gutter Guard treatments are a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

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