Possums Pest Control – Melbourne

The control of possums in your premises is a difficult ordeal. Possums are nocturnal, using roof and wall voids for sleeping during the day, only coming out at night to feed. Possums can gain entry through loose roof tiles and holes as small as tennis balls in timber/bricks.

At Auspest Control we use safe and effective one-way doors so that the possums can exit the premises on their own accord, but cannot enter the same way. Once we are sure the possums are out we remove the door, and seal all the entrance points to stop them from returning.

Our Process

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We neither catch nor trap possums. Possums are territorial and if caught can only be released within 50 metres of the structure. Unless you address the problem in the structure and fix the entry point the Possums can quickly return.

Auspest Control is dedicated to providing an eco-friendly possum removal service. We offer an effective, safe, efficient, humane and professional way to Remove & Control Possums. Our service includes inspecting your home for entry points, ensuring all possums are removed and repairing your building back to its original condition.

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